Assembly, test & registration:

In addition to the sale of standard hoses and couplings, Cohose is specialized in supplying complete hose assemblies. Depending on the application, we can advise you on the right combination of hose & coupling. Since we have a profissional workshop & test facility, we can assemble the desired hose(s) for you.

We also offer the following options:

  • Hydrostatic test & certification
  • Hygienic crimping ferrule assembly
  • Hoses provided with your company logo / QR codes
  • Testing on location
  • Annual follow-up, so that the quality of your hoses & couplings is guaranteed
  • Online test reports

Hoses used in stressful application should be checked regularly.
The more stressful the application is, the more frequently the hoses should be tested.
You can use our expertise to test and check the hoses.

Ask for our possibilities and what we can offer for your specific situation.